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FREE Lesbian Erotic Story: Emma's Awakening - Part 2

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Read the 2nd part of our Free Lesbian Erotic Short Stories Series "Emma's Awakening" now!

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So take a cup of tea or coffe and dive in to the second part - we wish you a lot of fun reading

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Woman with a LGBTQ sign on her back. Symbol for the free lesbian erotic story series "Emma's Awakening"

Chapter Three

It was autumn already. There were red maple leaves all over the floor. Some of these leaves were still in the air, soaring as the cool evening breeze carried them about. Emma sat under the tree, legs crossed in a lavender dress. She stared at the leave on the floor as if she was examining it, but her mind was far away from that, she was no botanist.

She slipped her cell phone out of the pocket of her jacket; the time was already 3:50 pm and Alex wasn’t there yet. She wondered if Alex had forgotten about their date. Yes, date. That was what it felt like to her. She was about to dial her number, but she stopped herself. She had saved her number last night immediately after the call ended. She decided to wait a little more even though she found that very hard a task to accomplish. It wasn't 4:00 pm yet, but she was becoming more impatient each second.

Different thoughts flowed through her mind while she sat there, tapping her right foot on the ground and impatiently waiting for Alex.

"Did she lose the book?," she thought to herself.

"Is she caught up by traffic? Doesn’t she want to see the library anymore? What could be keeping her? Did she forget about our date? I should call her, I think I should."

She looked at her phone for the second time and it was already 4:59. As she was about to dial Emma's number, she raised her head and was startled when she found two brown beautiful eyes looking down at her.

“Oh! You are here.” Emma said.

“Yes, I am” Alex replied.

Alex offered her right hand to Emma, Emma giggled and took it, then she gently pulled her up from her seat.

They had not planned or spoken about a meeting place the previous night, but somehow, they knew where to meet.

It was like their hearts had communicated without their lips moving. Emma had gone straight to the quadrangle after her classes and sat there, and she was convinced that Alex would head there straight up if she needed to find her. They did not even think about it, they were just sure, so sure. It was probably because that was the place they first met each other.

Alex did not let go of Emma's hand after pulling her up from where she was seated. They walked side by side, hand in hand. Emma’s heart was racing, she was still trying to figure out what was going on, what she was doing and why she was doing it. Alex on the other hand had a slight smile on her face, she felt like she had won a medal, just holding Emma’s hand.

Alex broke the silence. “I bet you have a roommate.” She said.

“No. I don't. I don't stay on the campus either.” Emma replied.

Then she blanched. She sensed she was beginning to talk too much, giving answers to questions she wasn’t asked. She felt a little awkward about it.

“How do you find the book?” She added quickly to cover her uneasiness.

“Oh! The book.” Alex replied.

She was thinking of what to say. She had not read the book. She was not interested in the book in the slightest. She was not the reading type. She knew she wasn’t a reader. She had asked for the book for want of what to say. She went as far as borrowing the book from Emma because she wanted to see Emma again no matter what it took her.

“I have not finished it up just yet. Once I’m done, we would talk about it.” Alex added.

At that point, she vowed to herself, in her heart, to read the book no matter how difficult it may be for her. She was going to do whatever she could to please Emma.

“Alright. Seems you are a slow reader. Just take your time.” Emma said.

Alex let out an awkward giggle without saying a word. The book was just a novella and wouldn’t take more than two or three hours to finish up. Emma had just finished reading the book at the quadrangle before Alex approached her. It was a romance fiction; the kind of stories Emma liked. Stephan had bought that book and seven others like it for her two weeks ago. She had been so excited when she opened the box they came in. She sighed as she remembered Stephan.


Emma was just twenty years old and was full of life but in a rather quiet way. She had a lot of dreams and fantasies she wished she could bring to life, or rather, someone to read through her, and bring her dreams to life. She was more of a dreamer and a thinker. She needed someone to push her to explore, to do more. She brought some of these fantasies to life through some of the characters in the books she reads. She felt what they felt. Sometimes, it was as if some of these characters had lived her life. She wondered if the stories were written to her or for her. Always she would feel deeply connected to these stories.

These stories were her lifeline, an escape from a strange reality. It gave her the reality she wished she had. But now she was holding hands with Alex, and she felt her heart pounding. It felt like the realities she had been only imagining were materializing. This was the reality she had been searching for and for the first time, she did not need an escape anymore. She did not want to be anywhere else, she wished time could stop, putting everything to a pause, just for a moment, for just a chance to stare into her eyes in total silence, uninterrupted.


Before they could realize it, they were standing in front of a giant brown building.

“We are here, this is it," Emma said.

Emma let go of Alex's hand quickly, the fog of the reality clearing from her eyes. She cleared her throat.

“My work is done, I guess. I should be on my way now,” she said.

Alex looked straight into her eyes. “No, it’s not.”


“I mean, how am I supposed to locate the section they keep those interesting books, like the one in your hands the other day?”

“That wasn’t part of the initial plan, you know?” Emma said, coylishly.

“I know” Alex replied with a chuckle.

She grabbed Emma’s hand and pulled her into the building. Once they got in, they saw an old man with a pair of transparent glasses over his nose. His chin was droopy, and his movements were a little bit shaky. He sat in front of a desk while watching them walk in. The tag on his table announced him as the chief librarian.

“Hello, Emma!” the old man said, loudly that Alex had to grab her ears. But Emma seemed like she was used to it.

“Hello, Mr. Maguire!.” Emma responded.

Alex stood there lost, she wondered why they were both screaming at each other with smiles on their faces. Before she could say a word, Emma turned to her and told her that Mr. Maguire has a partial hearing loss. It was obvious why. The man was old.

"I see you're with company today," the old man said.

Without saying a word, Emma nodded her head with a smile on her face. The library was empty. The old man was the only staff in the place. The few students who were searching for books at the shelf just adjacent to them had walked out few minutes after they walked in.

“Where should we begin?” Emma asked.

"After you," Alex replied.

This was Emma's favorite place on campus; after the quadrangle under the red maple tree of course. And Mr. Maguire was one of the few friends she had in school. He was very fond of her and probably liked her for her love for books. It made his job look important as less and less students visited the library. Emma was a reader and not surprisingly, this made him so happy and fulfilled.

The lights from the electric bulb in the library were not so bright. The place was so quiet, such that they could hear the sound of their breathing. Emma liked the serenity, she was enjoying it. It was the silence that had made her return to this place after visiting the first time, and the interesting books she always found there of course. It was a place she could throw herself into one of her numerous fantasies, uninterrupted. Emma was also in love with the way the books smelt.

“Where are you from?” Alex asked, breaking the silence.

“This is a library, and we shouldn’t be talking, you know?” Emma replied.

“Oh! Yeah. We shouldn’t, lest Seshat jumps down from one of these books and whoop our asses.” Alex said.

It sounded so funny to Emma that she laughed uncontrollably for almost a whole minute. She wasn’t expecting that from Alex at all.

They were close to the last shelf in the library now. The shelves were so tall that one could not see the person at the other part of the shelf if anyone was standing there.

When Emma had just finished laughing, she turned around and found Alex staring at her. Their eyes met. They kept staring into each other’s eyes without blinking or moving.

Emma could see the desire and passion in Alex's eyes.

Alex on the other hand was reading through Emma’s very expressive eyes. There was the image of a girl filled with so many dreams, waiting to be discovered, waiting to be found.

As they stood there, locked in tension, Alex moved forward slowly with her eyes still locked on Emma’s. She reached out for her chin, rubbed it gently. She moved her hands from her chin to her jaw, dragged it closer to herself and planted a kiss on her lips. Emma did not move. Instead, she leaned on the bookshelf for balance without making a single sound. Goosebumps were all over her body, Alex could feel it all over her. It seemed Alex had captured her and she had no idea how to free herself from this hypnosis. She felt like something else had taken over her.

Emma kissed Alex back with her body leaning on the bookshelf, frozen in shock. In no time, the intensity of their kissing increased. They both kissed each other passionately. Emma was running her hands through Alex’s short blonde hair now, and Alex’s hands were now on Emma’s waist while they kissed.

"Fuck! She’s as sweet as candy," Alex thought to herself.

Emma was getting so wet now, she could feel it down there. They had been kissing for over five minutes. Emma bit Alex’s lower lip slightly, Alex gasped, rolled her tongue into Emma's mouth, brought it out, paused and stared deeply into Emma's eyes.

“You want this?” Alex asked.

“Ye… yes," Emma replied with quivering lips and wet eyes.

Alex smiled and moved her hands from Alex’s waist to her boobs. She squeezed them tenderly while staring into Emma’s eyes. She loved the reaction she was getting and the sound she was hearing from Emma.

As Emma moaned, lots of thoughts were going through her head.

"What am I doing?" she thought to herself.

But she couldn’t imagine stopping herself because she loved every part of it. She wouldn’t be able to stop herself even if she tried. Her head became blank, it was a matter of less thinking and more feeling for her now.

"Fuck! This girl is so good," she thought to herself.

Alex was touching her in ways she had never been touched before.

Alex removed her lavender coat from her body and threw it on the floor. She unbuttoned her top, slipped her hands into her bra and squizzed her nipple. Emma let out a loud moan. Scared of being discovered, Alex sealed her mouth with a kiss. She kept kissing while gently squeezing her boobs and nipples.

Alex released Emma’s lips from hers, then she set Emma’s boobs completely free by unhooking the hook of the bra in front of it. When the boobs were free, she seized one of them completely with her mouth, wrapped her warm lips around one of the boobs, sucking it and fondling her nipple with her tongue. As she did that, she squeezed Emma’s ass with her hand, while fondling the free boobs with her second hand.

Emma covered her mouth with her hands preventing herself from screaming or moaning so loud. Alex freed the first boob from her lips and moved it to the next one. Emma’s whole body was quivering at this point. Alex looked up at her face and smiled at her at regular intervals like a huntress that had finally trapped her prey. It sent chills all over Emma’s body each time she smiled. She felt trapped, pleasantly.

Alex let go of Emma, then she reached for Emma’s coat, spread it on the floor and led Emma to it. When she pushed Emma down on the floor, she took off the white panties Emma had on, spread Emma’s legs as far as they could go and began feasting on her pussy. Alex was rubbing her own pussy with one hand as she squeezed Emma’s breast with another while still eating her pussy.

“Gush!” Emma moaned.

She didn’t see this coming, she wasn’t expecting anything like this. She had read about it in a book before, but she didn't think it would ever happen to her. But it was happening to her, it wasn't a dream, it was real. The quivering of her body was enough proof that she was being given the best sex of her life not just anywhere but in a library just as she had just seen it play out in a book before. It was mad, and it was one of her fantasies.

Every move Alex made was accurate, it was as if she went into Emma’s head. It was just like she had read Emma’s mind and she had heard and seen all the fantasies that lives there. All her moves were too accurate and calculated as well. But, of course, she was a girl and would know where all the sexual triggers were.

Emma arched her body, stifling another moan. Alex was feasting on her pussy so good that her whole body was shaking. Her pussy had been eaten severally and real good, but not like this. Every touch from Alex felt like magic.

Alex raised her head from in between her thighs and kissed her. Alex unzipped her coat and there was a bare breast in front of Emma. She urged Emma to come closer, and when Emma did, she placed her boobs on Emma’s lips, Emma took it in her mouth and sucked it. They were both on their knees now, Alex pushed her ass backward a little bit and slipped two fingers into her own pussy. She was fingering herself and moaning while Emma sucked and fondled her boobs.

She pushed Emma away from her boobs, turned her around and slipped two of her fingers inside her pussy, fingering her in the doggy position while lightly choking her and kissing her neck from behind. It was time. Emma couldn’t take it anymore now, she was moaning really loud now, she covered her mouth with hand hands to prevent herself from screaming. And in no time, she came.

Alex quickly slipped out her fingers out of her. She brought out a wiper from her bag pack. They cleaned themselves up and got dressed to leave, quietly. They didn't say a word to each other, there was total silence in the building now.

When they got to where Mr. Maguire was, they noticed he was surprised. The look on his face said so.

“I thought you had left,” he said, looking thoughtful.

“No. We are still here,” Emma replied, “but we are leaving now.” She added.

“Oh! Ok. I hope you got what you came for,” He said.

“Sure we did," Alex replied.

She took Emma’s hand and they left the building. Emma’s hand was shaky and sweaty, she could feel it.

Alex wondered what thoughts were going through Emma’s mind. She wondered why Emma became so silent all of a sudden.

“Care for some ice cream?” Emma asked just to break the silence.

“Yeah! Sure!” Alex replied.

Alex was happy and a little relieved to hear that. The atmosphere was becoming a little awkward already, and that question had come in at the right time. Emma went for vanilla and strawberry flavor while Alex went for chocolate, just chocolate.

When they were done with the ice cream, Emma drove Alex home in her car, following the latter’s directives, and stopped in front of her house. She pulled over to the side of the road.

Alex squeezed her thigh lightly and gave her a warm peck on the cheek. “Thank you so much for today," she said as she came out of the car.

Emma nodded her head and smiled. After watching Alex walk into her house, Emma rummaged through her bag, brought out her phone and then she realized that Stephan had been calling.

“Fuck me,” she said.

Then she drove off.

On her way home, she was freaking out, thinking of what to say to Stephan when she got home and called him, but her mind remained blank.

Would he suspect a thing? Is he going to be mad? She thought. Tons of questions keep flying around in her head, her head felt like it was going to explode in no time.

“Damn it!” she screamed.

A few minutes later, she was home. She lingered in her car for a while, then she picked up her phone to call him but decided not to until she got into the house. When she stepped out of the car, she froze for few seconds when she found Stephan sitting on the threshold that leads to the door of her apartment, still as a ghost.

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