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FREE Lesbian Erotic Story: Emma's Awakening - Part 5

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Read the fifth and final part of our Free Lesbian Erotic Short Stories Series "Emma's Awakening" now!

You can read the full series online only here on for free.

So take a drink of your choice and dive into the fourth part - we wish you a lot of fun reading

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Two woman kissing passionately. Symbol for the free lesbian erotic story series "Emma's Awakening"

Chapter Six

The atmosphere was devoid of emotions, it was as if the world chose this minute to take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle and the chaos which was created in it.

The day was dull and almost dark, there was no one on the street apart from Mr. John and his Corgi, walking briskly to Mr. John's apartment. Mr. John was in brown pants and a deep blue coat which blended in well with the gloomy nature of the atmosphere. Stephan watch Mr. John and his dog walk into their apartment at a rather strange speed leaving the Street empty before he finally opened his door and entered his apartment.

When Stephan got in, he saw a familiar but yet strange image sitting in his living room, on his couch and this startled him.

As he was about switching the lights on, she spoke.

"You got back earlier today."

“Oh my! You startled me,” Stephan said.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t intend to," Emma replied.

Her face was pale and devoid of emotions, and that made Stephan a bit worried. His stomach bit him and he rushed to the toilet to relieve himself.

Emma was left alone in the living room with her heart in her hands because it became too heavy for her chest to carry.

"Alex would be the death of me," she whispered out while she shook her head and shrugged her shoulders.

She thought about what her life was and what she felt like before she met Alex and it couldn't be compared to this. She was truly happy now, taking risks and daring herself to do things she probably wouldn't do if Alex had not come her way.

She was living now and not just existing.

Her life has a lot of meaning in it now than it did before. Before now, she saw life as monotonous and predictable, but that isn't the case anymore. For one, she had no idea of what Stephan would do or even say when she tells him what she had in mind.

Stephan finished using the toilet and got into the bathroom. As soon as the first drop of water fell on his body, it brought his body a kind of peace and this made him think of Emma. He fantasized about what it would be like coming home to her and their kids. He was going to propose to her in two days, he was not going to waste any more time, he is dead sure that she is the one for him; she had everything he could want in a woman except for his ability to read through her. That was not an issue, it was not going to stop him, so he thought.

Immediately he got out of the shower, he got dressed in regular shorts and hoodie and then headed straight to the living room. Immediately he got there, he sat very close to Emma on the same couch she was sitting on held her hand and asked her if everything was alright. She paused for a second, slipped her hand from his and slipped them into her pocket.

“Is everything alright?” Stephan asked.

Emma nodded with looking him in the face. She stood up and sat on the couch opposite the one she was sitting on few seconds ago.

"We need to talk," She finally said.

“Are you alright?” Stephan asked again.

“No. I am not. We are not,” she finally said.

"Then talk to me. What is wrong?" He enquired.

With tears in her eyes, she began.

“This is the most difficult and painful I would probably have to do in my life. I love you, Stephan. Sometimes more than I should, sometimes not enough. You taught me what is feels like to love and be loved. You have been there for me right from the start.

My God! You are perfect, I know no one is, but I think it is safe to say that you are in every sense of the word. But I am not perfect. I am selfish. I am not what you expected. I don’t even have much to say. I am sorry, but this can’t go on. You and I can not keep this thing going. I am so sorry, but I can’t stop your heart from breaking. This is not on you. If I am being honest, you treat me better than I ever treated myself.”

After saying those words, she could not stop the tears from flowing. Her words became inaudible. She rushed towards the door, but Stephan ran after her and held her, stopping her from leaving. She raised her head in a bid to look at his face but she could not see clearly, her tears had blurred her vision. Stephan held her for few minutes, placating her before he led her to one of the couches in the living room, sitting her down there.

"What am I supposed to do with this? Where do I even begin? Where did I go wrong?" Stephan asked.

"You are perfect. There's nothing about you that I actually want to change, absolutely nothing. It is me. I can't keep hurting you, I just have to go," She managed to put those words out.

"I can't let you go just like that. Who is going to take care of you, look after you and always make sure you are safe?" Stephan said. Tears stood in his eyes this time.

"I found a girl and I love her. I am very sure she loves me too. I feel loved by her even before she confessed her feelings to me."

Stephan could not believe what was unfolding before him. He had thought before now that he had found the love of his life, his soul mate whom he intends to spend the rest of his life with.

"This can't be happening to me," he thought.

"I thought you were straight."

Stephan thought to himself but the words managed to escape out of his mouth.

"I thought I was too, but it appears that I am not," Emma responded.

"Does she make you happy?" Stephan asked again.

He already knew the answer to that question, but he asked her anyway.

"She does, more than anyone or anything in the world," Emma replied.

"Seems your mind has already been made up, there is nothing I could say to stop you. Go and be happy. Live your life. Who am I to come in between you, your sexuality and your happiness?" He was already crying and he hated himself for always having to be Mr. Perfect.

Stephan stood up, walked to the refrigerator and brought out some wine and headed straight for his room. Emma realizing what was about to happen followed him into the room. Stephan was already drinking when she got there. He sat there on the floor with his back resting on the wooden part of his bed. She tried to stop him, but she couldn't. After her efforts proved abortive, she finally joined him. They both sat there crying and drinking till the bottle of wine got emptied. They both fell asleep, finally.

When Emma woke up the next morning, she found herself on Stephan's bed with her clothes still on her. She had fallen asleep on the floor, she knew she had, but somehow, she found herself on the bed. It was then it occurred to her that Stephan must have carried her into the bed and laid her there while she slept. She turned around but couldn't find Stephan. Instead, she found a note:

"It's not alright, but it's ok and I'd be alright eventually, not today though, but someday. And I also need you to help me through it. I wouldn't want to see you when I get back home today. Don't call me, don't text me and don't come by my house. I would do the same for you as well. Have a nice life. I loved you and I still do and I hope it would go away someday, but you would have to help me."

Tears stood in her eyes while she read the note Stephan had left. She couldn’t bring herself to leaving the apartment just yet. She walked around the whole house, reminiscing on the time she had spent with Stephan.

She had more than six hours to herself; Stephan does not return home till evening. She sat in his bathtub, moping into space and asking herself if she had done the right thing. She was convinced she was doing the right thing and that gave her some sort of consolation.

She got out of the tub, dried the water off her skin, got dressed and was ready to leave Stephan's apartment. She took all her belongings along with her as she left. She wanted to leave her belongings there so bad because she had planned to pick them up gradually to enable her to check up on Stephan. But she was not going to do that anymore. She would respect his decisions no matter what it would cost her. She had also planned to call him from time to time to be sure he was alright. But that was not going to happen anymore.

Emma finally packed her things into the trunk of her car and drove off, leaving everything behind to embrace this newfound purpose standing right in front of her.


She brought out her cell phone and looked at it for the first time that day, "Six missed calls and five new messages" was clearly written on the screen of her phone.

Alex had called her several times the previous night and that particular morning. She wasn't supposed to spend much time with Stephan, she was supposed to come back that night. Alex got worried and decided to call and ask what was wrong. Emma heard and saw the first call, but decided to put her phone on silent mode. She wanted to give Stephan the respect he deserved.

But now she just needed to see Alex. In the end that’s why she’s about to change her life and risk everything she had before.

So Emma hoped into her car and drove off to Alex’ place. It got dark before she arrived. Alex sighted Emma's car from the window as she drove towards her house. Immediately Emma got down from the car, Alex ran towards her and threw herself into her arms. She held her tight for a minute before letting go of her.

"I thought you were not going to come back " Alex finally said looking down to the ground.

"Why would I do that?" Emma asked.

"I don't know. Maybe you are not yet sure about the whole thing and about me too."

Emma smiled and replied, " I have never been more sure of anything in the entirety of my life."

"What about him?" Alex asked.

"Don't do that please. Let us focus on us now," Emma answered.

Alex held Emma's hand and dragged her into the house.

"I cooked."

“For me?” Emma asked.

“Of course. For you.”

They say on the sofa, staring into each other’s eyes. Emma had started to forget the hurt she felt from telling Stephan that she was not the one for her. It was easy with Alex. She made her forget that the world hurt.

“You did not think I was gonna cook for you?”

“Well,” Emma began, blushing. “I didn’t know you would think that I was hungry.”

“How hungry are you?”


“How hungry are you?”

Emma looked a little bit confused. She studied Alex’s face. The mischief on there was unmistakable, and she knew that the question was a trick one.

“I feel like there is only one right answer for this question,” she said.

“Are you hungry or hungry?” Alex asked.

“Are they different?”

“Are you hungry or hungry?”

“They are the same thing.”

“No, they are not.”

“But they are.”

Alex had stopped arguing with Emma and was just staring at her now. Emma paused, self-conscious.

“What is wrong?” she asked.

"Yes. What's wrong is how beautiful and adorable you are," Emma replied.

Emma blushed, and just before she could bring herself to saying anything, Alex planted a kiss on her lips. She held her so close as though something or someone was going to take her away if she doesn't.

They both sat there, kissing and caressing each other for minutes as if that was the only thing there were born to do. They didn't care how much or how fast time was running. They had to wake up early for classes the next day, but that didn't even cross their minds. All they cared about was now, this moment.

Alex finally let go of Emma's lips, freeing her from herself. Emma traced her hands to Alex’s neck, then her chest; undoing the buttons of her pyjamas while looking straight into her eyes. Alex froze in shock. Emma had never made a move on her, she was always the one initiating their lovemaking all the times they had had sex. She was so surprised to see the version of Emma, seeing her take charge of her body and the situation kind of turned Emma on the more.

As soon as Emma took Alex's shirt off, she grabbed her boobs; squeezing her boobs and her nipples passionately while kissing her deeply. Emma liked what was happening to her, she was smiling and moaning simultaneously out of pleasure. Emma on the other hand was busy doing her thing and enjoying every bit of it.

She released Alex's boobs from her hands and covered one of her boobs and nipples with her warm wet lips, sucking and nibbling at it while kneading the other nipple with her hands. Alex just sat there on the couch doing nothing but enjoying the streams of pleasure flowing through her body. Emma let go of her, walk to the refrigerator and brought a little bowl of ice cream out of the refrigerator to the couch Alex was lying on.

"Close your eyes," Emma whispered.

Alex obediently did as she was told to do. Emma scooped out a little portion of the ice cream and placed it on Alex's lips. She quivered immediately the ice cream made contact with her lips. Emma licked every bit of it up while kissing her lips. When she was done, she scooped out another portion of the ice cream and spread it all over Alex's boobs. Alex was screaming out of pleasure now. It was more pleasurable for her because she had not seen this coming, the version of Emma she was seeing was one she had never seen before.

Emma licked off the ice cream from her body before it defrosted. She licked it off slowly while slightly biting her nipples in the process. Alex's entire body was covered with goosebumps as a result of the intense pleasure she was feeling. Emma traced the ice cream from her stomach area down to her thigh, avoiding her pussy. She licked every bit of it off of her while looking up at Alex and smiling at her from time to time. When Emma was done, she finally planted her lips on Alex's pussy eating every part of it out. Alex was moaning loudly and shaking now, her body could no longer contain the amount of pleasure being sent to it. She was the giver when it came to lovemaking, she was never at the receiving end, but tonight, she was more than glad that she was.

Emma removed her lips from Alex's pussy and inserted her fingers there. She stroked her pussy with her fingers so good that Alex wondered and pondered on the years of experience Emma must have had in this act. While stroking her pussy, Emma moved up to Alex's upper body with her fingers still inside her, sucking and biting her nipples while stroking her pussy with her finger. In so time, Alex's body began to shake again. She held Emma so tight and finally, she came.

" That was breathtaking," she said, panting.

"I know it was," Emma replied with a mischievous smile on her face.

"Move in with me then," Emma finally found the courage to ask Alex to come live with her.

"Are you sure about that?" Alex asked surprisingly.


"I would love that." Alex finally said.

They both hugged each other and laughed so hard. When they were done laughing, they wondered why they had started laughing in the first place.

At the back of her mind lay a certain uneasiness, the thought of her family finding out about Alex. Finally, they both fell asleep trusting the night to carry them to the new dawn of the best chapter of their lives.

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