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FREE Lesbian Erotic Story: Emma's Awakening - Part 3

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Read the 3rd part of our Free Lesbian Erotic Short Stories Series "Emma's Awakening" now!

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So take a cup of tea or coffe and dive in to the third part - we wish you a lot of fun reading

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Woman with a LGBTQ sign on her brest. Symbol for the free lesbian erotic story series "Emma's Awakening"

Chapter Four

The flowers around her threshold were all still; she felt like they knew what she had done and had discussed it with Stephan. The lights in front of her house were dim creating a very thick atmosphere of conspiracy, hanging in the air somewhere. Her heart weighed a ton in her chest at the thought of this.

Stephan didn’t know she was there. He stood before the door, facing a different direction, and staring into space. He was worried sick about her. He wasn’t the type to text anyone no matter the circumstance, the state of things, or how worried he was. He would rather see her in person or better still, place a call when physical contact was not achievable. But he had left a message for Emma.

Emma didn’t realize he had left any message, she wasn’t expecting him to. She knew it wasn’t his thing. He had only texted her once since they met, and that was when she travelled back home.

“Babe," Emma called out.

Stephan was startled because he didn’t realize she had been standing all this while. He turned slowly in her direction. “Emma? You did not get my text?”

“I didn’t realize you sent any text,” she said.

“Let me open the door,” she added.

“Sure,” he said, moving away from the door.

She was already holding the keys to the door in her right hand, so she took few steps forward and opened the door. They both walked in.

The room was very dark, but the light soon poured over the room when she switched them on while Stephan slumped on the couch on his left.

“You want to tell me what is going on?” Stephan asked.

“Of course, but can I take my bath first?” She asked.

“Alright,” Stephan said with a tone betraying coldness.

She walked off, heading for the bedroom. She took her clothes off and walked into the shower. There was the need to buy time, to think of something very convincing to tell Stephan, something believable.

When the water first touched her skin, she felt a little relieved, like the water was washing away her sins; this sin she had committed against Stephan.

A few hours ago, she had felt like she was blessed, like it was the best day of her life, like her dreams were finally turning to reality. But after seeing Stephan and realizing what she had done to him, her countenance changed.

Nobody had ever made her feel the way she felt about Alex; yet she felt choosing Alex would be a very wrong choice to make. Her parents and the entire family would be so disappointed in her, she would break Stephan’s heart into unrecognizable pieces.

What if Alex doesn’t love me? What if she just needed a good time or wanted to fuck?

These questions fly around in her head. She wasn’t ready to risk it all for a total stranger; someone’s last name she doesn’t even know yet. But this stranger had her spellbound. It was as if she had put a spell on her.

At this point, her fears kept haunting her, tying her down. She was at a crossroad, wondering if she should follow where her heart is leading her to or just pretend as if nothing happened and go back to living her life the way she had been living; but that wasn’t living, she was just existing.

What should I tell him I was?

She stepped out of the shower, observed her nighttime skincare routine, put her pyjamas on and headed to the living room. Stephan was still sitting where he was seated when she left the living room. He was so calm, cool and collected, but there was worry and curiosity in his eyes. It was so obvious, it was crystal clear and she could also sense it in the way he was seated and in his demeanor. She was overwhelmed by pity, pity for this kind and sweet man that isn’t all she wanted.

Why is he so calm and quiet? I need him to yell at me so I’d yell back at him and get rid of this pity I feel for him. Why does he have to be so perfect? The questions burned through her mind. She wanted a reason to leave him, a reason to not feel terrible when she did so.

“How are you doing?” she asked.

“I am ok,” he replied.

“Want something to eat?” she asked.

“No. I am not hungry.”

“Ok. I’ve been in the library and I left my phone in the car. I had a lot to cover up, I didn’t even know it was this late until I left the building. I would have called, but I wanted to wait until I had gotten home. I am so sorry I got you worried, babe.”

She was babbling, speaking quickly as if the words in her throat would tumble back down if she did not let them all out.

“I am not worried or concerned about today alone. Your attitude lately is what I am bothered about the most. What is wrong? Are you going through anything? Did I do anything to upset you? Do you need space? Please talk to me, I am bothered about your recent change of attitude towards me. You don’t pick my calls. You don’t return them. You don’t even return my texts.”

“Hey. I’m sorry about that, but school has been so stressful and demanding. I would do better, I promise.”

“Then you should have just told me so I’d help you out in ways I could. Why carrying such burden alone?”

“It wouldn’t happen again,” she replied, beating herself up on the inside.

Here she was again, running from the truth.

He smiled, kissed her lips and hugged her. A tear dropped out of Emma’s eyes. It was harder than she had thought. How was she going to tell him that she was running out of love, and that she didn’t mean for it to happen? Something had switched in her, a change she never thought would come in a million years. It was all her fault. If only she had not let herself fall for a total stranger, she wouldn’t be in this mess.

You can’t thirst for what you’ve never tasted before, right?

She wasn’t sure of the answer. She was going to go to Alex’s house whenever she had the time to pick up her book and to tell her that whatever it is they have or had done was a mistake and that it should come to an end.

“Are you going to eat now?” she asked Stephan, letting go of him. "I have something in the refrigerator that I can heat up for dinner." She added.

“Yes, certainly,” he replied with a smile on his face.

While they ate, Stephan talked about his work and something about a research on the place they would travel to whenever they both got the time to.

“I’m looking forward to meeting your people, you know?” he said.

Emma’s heart sank after hearing this, she managed to squeeze a smile out of her face and nodded like she was happy.

When they were done eating, Stephan carried her to the bedroom, placed her on the bed, began kissing and was about to undress her, but she pushed him away playfully asking him to take a shower first. Stephan giggled, got off her, undressed and got into the shower. By the time he was done taking his bath, Emma was already fast asleep. He could not bring himself to waking her up because she slept soundly like a baby and tiredness was written all over her face.

Stephan got dressed, turned off the lights and sank into the bed. He placed her head on his chest carefully and gently. Afterward, he dragged the duvet up to their chest, closed his eyes and fell asleep as well. He was tired, no doubt, but he was craving her, greatly.

Emma woke up the next morning to Stephan standing above her, holding a tray of food. He was going to serve her breakfast, there in bed. Stephan had woken up earlier that day to make breakfast for the both of them, for Emma, mostly.

“You are still here? You have not left for work?" Emma asked sleepily while gently rubbing her eyes with the black of her hands.

“No, babe. I told them I would not make it to work today,” he said smiling at her.

He dropped the tray of food in front of her.

“You made breakfast,” she said with a blush on her cheeks.

“Yes, babe, I did,” he replied.

He sat down beside her and watched her as she ate.

“Are you not going to join me?” She asked.

“Of course I will.”

When she offered him a spoon full of oath, he opened his mouth and ate it with a smile on his face. He then picked a spoon on the tray and ate with her. Soon, they were done.

“Thanks, babe. This means a lot to me,” she said, giggling.

“Come on, babe. It’s nothing. I am still hungry, you know?”

“Your appetite is getting bigger by the day."

“ Of course it is,” hHe said, smiling mischievously.

The hunger in his eyes were for her body, but she did not catch on. Still, his eyes traveled over her body, caressing them hungrily while his loins stirred. He wanted her so much that he felt an ache down there, a want growing stronger the more his eyes ran over her.

“Are you not going to get ready for school today?” He asked.

“I am. I would be leaving for school in two hours."

Her phone beeped, she turned around to look at it. There was a text from Alex. She quickly picked up her phone, holding it close to her chest and read:

How are you sunshine? I’m sorry I wasn’t able to call last night, but I would make it up to you when next we see. Would you be free this evening? I’d love to see you. Let’s do my place by 7:00 pm. What do you say?

She exited the message page, dropped her cell phone and walked into the bathroom. She thought about Alex and what she would say to her the next time they would meet. She was still rehearsing the speech in her mind when the door to the bathroom opened.

“ What are you doing here?” Emma asked.

“I’m here to take a shower of course. What else is it one does in the bathroom?” Stephan replied.

They both chuckled while Stephan walked towards her. She turned the shower on, Stephan got inwrapped his hands around her, kissing her shoulder.

He kept kissing her neck and caressing her body while the water ran from the showerhead and spread all over their skin.

They took turns washing each other’s skin and rinsing it off.

Stephan turned off the shower, went on his knees, spread her legs wide open and feasted on her pussy. He teased her clitoris with his tongue while sucking and nibbling at her pussy. She placed her hand on his head for balance while her legs shook. He went on eating on her wetness for almost too long. While he was at it, Emma thought of Alex. Images from their lovemaking flashed through her mind. She was very close to screaming Alex, but was knocked back to reality by the firm grip of his hand on her butt.

When he was done, he rose to his feet, turned on the shower, lifted her and slid his hard dick into her wetness while whispering into her ear.

“I have been craving you, badly.” His voice was husky with want.

His hands gripped her thighs so strong and tight while he pounded her pussy real good. He wiggled his waists at regular intervals, making her go crazy. She was moaning so loud under the warm running water. When he got bored of that position, he bent her towards the wall and lifted one of her thighs. Bending a little in a bid to reduce his height and then slid his hardness into her again. When he sent the first thrust, she screamed at the top of her voice, placing her hands against the bathroom walls for balance.

When his dick was fully inside her, he moved his waist in a circular motion while holding her waist. She was moaning so loud now. The experience was very pleasurable for her, but it was not as satisfying as she would have wanted it to be. Stephan groaned out of pleasure while muttering beautiful nonsense. His groans were deep and filled with manliness.

He slid his hardness out of her pussy, released her legs, kissed her passionately and pushed her head down to his hardness. She got on her knees, sucking and choking. Sucking his dick was never one of her favorite things to do, but it was something she did out of obligation, something she did for love.

Stephan pulled her head away from his hardness as if he had just read her mind and turned her around. Her face was on the wall now, he spread her legs open and slid his cock into her pussy. He was pounding so good that it sent a chill all over her body. The pleasure was just too much for her body alone to contain. She let some of it out in screams and moans.

He bent towards her as he continued pounding, reaching for her firm boobs. Then he squeezed her boobs and nipples while drilling her pussy. One hand on her butt cheek, the other on her boobs. Emma rubbed her clit with her free hand while he pounded her pussy as she thought of Alex’s work down there.

After countless strokes, he slipped out of her and carried her into the bedroom. He threw her on the bed, placed her two legs on his shoulders and slipped into her again. Her entire body was vibrating now as a result of intense pleasure, but something was amiss. She could feel it. Stephan was very good at fucking, but he had a particular style or rather pattern in which he fucked. Her body was already used to it. It’s almost as if she knew the next move he would make each time they had sex.

He released one of her legs with the other one still on his shoulder. He kept sending strokes of his hardness into her pussy while she moaned so loud. After thrusting about six strokes, he released the other leg from his shoulder.

He spread her legs wide open as far as they could go with his penis still inside her. He slipped his hands under her and grabbed her ass, squeezing it while fucking her.

She was screaming now, she had had enough, but had not climaxed yet.

Stephan on the other hand was close to orgasm. Emma could tell from the way his body quivered. In no time, he slipped out of her came all over her thigh. That was his favorite place to do it.

They both went into the bathroom, cleaned each other up and lay there on the bed, panting. Stephan turned to her.

“Are you not leaving for school again?” he asked.

She playfully pushed his head away from herself.

“You know the answer to that already, you beast,” she said.

He had drained every drop of strength in her, there was no way she could possibly make it to school that day.

He fondled her hair and asked, “How was it?”


It wasn’t awesome, she knew it wasn’t. It was just ok to her, and nothing more than that, but she had to lie in order not to bruise his ego, arouse his suspicions or make him feel less of himself. It was clear now than it ever was, the sex she had with Alex the previous day had been the best she had ever had in her entire life.

They both lay there and slept for hours in each other’s arms. When they woke up, it was already evening. They wondered why and how they had slept for long. It was obviously out of exhaustion. They stood up, got dressed, and went grocery shopping.

They got back from the grocery shopping just as the darkness was stealing the day from the light. Stephan went into the kitchen to make dinner while Emma sat in the living room, watching a movie. While she sat there, her mind was filled with thoughts of Alex. She picked her phone up and replied to Alex's text.

Would you be in tomorrow morning? I would love to see you and have some discussion about us.

Two minutes after she sent the text, a text popped up on her screen. It was from Alex.

It read, “ sure, anytime.” What a relief and what a pressure - at the same time.

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