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The Truth About Erotic Literature and Its Doppelgangers like Literotica

Updated: Mar 22

What’s the difference between Erotic Sex Stories you can find on sites like Literotica and Erotic Literature and why you should try out both…

High-heat, sexy Romance books: we all know what they are and more than likely we’ve read something that falls into this specific category. That doesn’t mean, however, that it is always easy to spot a work of Erotic Literature over "just" sex stories.

Sometimes literary erotica can be so packed with sex, that you might think you're reading a best of collection of free sex stories. But believe it or not: there is a difference.

On Literotica and of course many other websites (including famous porn sites) you can find Erotic Sex Stories in all its varied forms.

And all for free!

These sites create a space where people can share their works of sexual innuendo and stimulation with the world.

sensual woman erotic picture used in an article about the value of Erotic Romance Books vs Real life Sex stories



What's the difference between Erotic Literature and Short Sex Stories?

If you’re wondering what the difference is between those sites and the mix of erotic fiction published in book form, you’re not alone.

The key question is therefore: if you are looking for a stimulating sexy read, why should anyone choose a book instead of just visiting one of the free providers of sex stories?

In this article we will talk about what makes a story a piece of erotic fiction and the differences between them and sex stories (at least in our understanding).

And most importantly: we will answer the question when it is worth to read an erotic fiction book and when the free sites are a perfect fit.

What makes an Erotic Romance Novel

There are certain earmarks of a work of literature, even in the space of Erotica. Usually, it starts with the cover. In most cases there will be a half-naked version of a man, a woman or both.

In the past, "Fabio" was the tell-tale sign of Erotic Romance. But nowadays, with the expansion of digital media, cover art can be anything you’d like it to be.

Works of erotic fiction strive to tell a story which enhances the sexual nature of the characters involved as a sort of side note to who they are as people.

It isn’t simply about great, compelling sex scenes or erotic stimulation. Good steamy books are fully about the story as a whole. This is what makes literature work translating into much higher reader value over simply publishing a story about sex on the internet.

Erotic Literature covers an immense variety of styles and genres, so that mostly everybody can find something fitting to his personal preferences. Together with the typical characteristics of literature, some admittedly compelling attributes are created for the reader:

  • Tells a Whole Story An Erotic Romance Book creates a complete story and wraps sex into the world created by the author for two or more people to inhabit.

  • Side Characters In Literature there will almost always be side characters that are just as important to the story as the main charactors and that sex is involved.

  • New Worlds A piece of quality Erotic Fiction creates a world the reader can relate to and oftentimes imagines living in themselves.

  • Fantasies Revealed High-heat books create a much more well-rounded world where readers can fully explore. Readers can live out, if you will, fantasies that they might not be able to live out in real life. However, you can find almost everything you want in Erotic Literature:

    • Threesomes or Polyamory Fantasies about threesomes (especially among men) are as high as 85% according to psychology today. Most commonly these fantasies are about the man engaging in sexual activity with two women or even more (e.g. Gangbang Stories) at the same time, although this certainly is not always the case.

    • Fetishes Most people who have a fetish often keep it hidden for fear of ridicule. Fetish literature allows them to engage that fetish in the fullness of their minds without judgement or criticism.

    • Rape Fantasies According to PubMed, somewhere around 62% of women have fantasized at least once in their lives about being raped.

    • Age-play This is a more sordid fantasy in which one of the participants can be a minor or is elderly. While there aren’t concrete statistics on this fantasy: it’s common knowledge that men and women fantasize about being with partners considerably older or younger than they are themselves. But be assured: there are really great Age Gap or even Forbidden Erotic Romance Books to read out there!

    • BDSM Bondage, Dominance, Sadism and Masochism: BDSM is a huge sub-genre of erotic fiction. It entails the use of bondage where a dominant gets off on Sadistic activities and/or a submissive gets pleasure from masochism. Oftentimes these two parts works in tandem, bringing pleasure to both the dominant and the submissive. Some really great works in this genre can be found in a special selection of the best BDSM books we've curated.

    • Cuckold This fetish is the sexual stimulation of a man who gets his pleasure from the idea or reality of his wife sleeping with someone else. If the roles are reversed, a woman sexually stimulated by the idea of her husband having another partner, she is referred to as a cuckquean. If this is a fantasy which attracts you, you should have a look at these great Cuckold/ Cuckquean stories and also some of the best Erotic Cheating Stories.

    • Much much more And of course there is still much much more, like Reverse Harem, Slow Burn, Lesbian and Gay and so on. If you look for something special, we really suggest to shortly screen our top lists, in which you find the best reads in almost every genre of Erotic Romance and Erotica.

What all have in common:

One of the great things about our beloved high-heat romance books is the ability for the reader to sort of live vicariously through the stories of the main characters. The reader can imagine being that person, living that fantasy and foregoing their own inhibitions as they turn the page.

Erotic picture of woman lips eating an ice cream used in an article which explains the benefits of Erotic Literature as well as short free sex stories



The thing with Free Sex Stories and Word Porn Websites like Literotica

For those who enjoy sexy stories for the sort of instant sexual gratification, a site like Literotica can work. But you need to pay attention to quality, as always.

That's why we decided to make your life a little easier and put together a complete secion of Free Short Erotic Stories which will give you instant pleasure - and picked the best for you!

And in our Free Story Section you can find them even sorted into different "genres" like Romantic, Oral or even our free erotic short book...

However, we want to be completely honest here: it isn’t likely to provide the same full-bodied story that an erotic literature book is guaranteed to have. But you can find real great snippets of texts about sex and inspiration if you do not have the time to dive deep into book or novel.

When Short Sex Stories are worth it

For the most part erotic websites, those that cater to the written word or word porn as some like to call it, are interested in publishing stories that jump into the sexual innuendo of the story within minutes of beginning to read. After the short introduction of the main character or characters, the set up for the first sex scene can leave readers feeling a bit awkward. And for some readers the whole scenario ends up feeling forced.

And while sites like Literotica will always thrive (because let’s face it: sex sells): there is a short shelf life for sex-plicit material. Rarely are you going to re-read a story that is simply a sex scene with names. In short: comparing Erotic Literature with "word porn" sex stories is like comparing a romance movie with hot sex scenes and a full-fledged porn. Both tell a story in which sex plays a central role, but the setting and storyline are completely different.

But in the end: both can be nice and inspiring to watch, depending on your personal needs in this moment...

The End-run between Erotic Literature and sites like Literotica

So what's the conclusion?

Is Erotic Romance or Erotica better than plain Sex Stories?

We wouldn't say so: it all depends on your personal situation and preference...

When you should look into pure Sex Stories - and why you should not be embarrassed about it

Sometimes, on occasion, reading a steamy sex scene can either settle or inspire a sexual need a reader might have.

Personnaly I know this too, no worries.

The Literotica-like stories can for example help to overcome separation pain when your partner is currently not at your side (or you're single) or help to give some inspirations for couples trying to bring back some passion into the bedroom.

That being said, it is rather unlikely that a single story of that sort will hold your interest much past the intent of the content: to stimulate the libido. So if the moment requires a little more heat, see what we in our free section or sites like Literotica have to offer and let it burn away that sharp edge of need for the moment!

Another great idea for such situations is to try out some really short, but super-hot erotic stories or even a collection of Erotica in such a situation. They can work very well too, I promise.

When Erotic Romance has a clear edge - and why it is worth to spend some money for it

When it comes to erotic content which shall inspire not only your libido but your also your heart and soul, well-written, fleshed out erotic literature is clearly to prefer.

Good Erotic Romance books will take you on a journey into fictional worlds of your choice, in which sex evolves naturaly but so steamy hot, that it touches all your senses. Also, if you prefer sex to be embedded into a story between two people in order to work for you, you're far better off with an erotic fiction. So if you want a story and the heat, go for Erotic Literature!

Either way, you certainly can’t lose as it looks like both Literotica and erotic fiction as a whole will continue to have a fanbase no matter how things turn out. And with all of us staying in a lot more, there’ll be plenty of opportunity to give each their fair due.

And that's perfect!

We have more for you... Erotic Romance at its best

Want to discover especially steamy, sexy and just great reading ideas?

Check our top lists!

Or do you want to tiptoe into the Erotic Romance Genre - for FREE?

Then do not miss to download out free prequel of the Forbidden Series!

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