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Public Sex Stories - Let's share some hot adventures!

Updated: Feb 14

Sex in itself is the most beautiful and exciting minor matter in the world. Nevertheless, it needs an extra thrill from time to time.

Did you know that two-thirds of Americans claim to be sexually adventurous?

Is it any surprise that 30% admit to having had sex in public and 69% had at least one time sex in a place they risked getting caught?!

Hey, we understand! There is an indescribable, extra kick to having sex in a special place!

And what is especially important for us: all those adventures you have generate incredible great, hot, sexy stories that captivate, inspire, and turn on every reader.

So make yourself comfortable and dive into special, steamy and sexy public sex stories!

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Public Sex Stories which are too steamy hot to miss

Check out these three short, hot sex stories here on filthybooks:


“Let us go to the movies tomorrow.” He said.

I nodded in agreement with a smile on my face, right before I shut the door at his face.

Davis and I had been together for a while. He was the perfect description of a perfect man. His brown dazzling eyes glistened each time he smiled at me.

Most times, I wondered if I was the only one that could catch his eyes as they did that. His lips were full and with a perfect brown shade. His beards were full too, they almost covered half of his face. When he smiled, I could barely see his dimples through his beard. He was tall and well-built. His body was like my temple, I could literally worship it.

He was rich, sexy, and funny. Above all those things I had mentioned, he was in love with me.

The weekends had always been really adventurous for the two of us.

Since we were both free that weekend, we visited a lot of public places. Our first stop was the park the two of us had met. Then, we visited the museum, and the zoo, and tried out new restaurants around us. But for some reason, we had not had the time to have sex. Perhaps, we had not been in the right place for such intimacy.

I smiled at the reflection I saw in the mirror while I looked at it. The red dress I had on held my body tightly, revealing all the curves and edges of my body, and some cleavage too. Davis would be here any minute now, I thought. As I sat there waiting for him, the thought of him touching my body, kissing me and doing all sorts of nasty things to me began to flow through my mind. I almost got wet before I push those thoughts away.

Pim pim

I heard the sound of his car honking.

“You look good, baby.” He said just before he opened the door for me.

In less than twenty minutes, we arrived at the cinema.

As usual, we bought some snacks alongside our tickets before going in.

The movie we had gone to see was not one of the popular and trendy ones. It was an old movie, one I and David had been talking about for a while. I was super excited because it was one of my favorite movies of all time.

When we got in, there were about five people there already they were all seated in the front row and it was not quite surprising as I had not expected that many persons be around because of the age of the movie that was to be shown.

He led the way and I followed. He sat in the second to the last row, at the back.



"It should be quieter here." He whispered into my ears.

Five minutes after we were seated, more people came in and sat in the middle row. In less than ten minutes, everywhere suddenly became really dark, then the movie began.

I leaned on Davis while he placed his hands on my shoulder, rubbing on it lightly. Soon, his hand traveled to my cleavages and they stayed there. I rubbed them lightly with one hand, while he ate his popcorn with the other hand.

“Are you enjoying the movie?” He asked.

I nodded my head and kept calm.

He had no idea what his hands were doing to me.

I was already getting turned turn. I could not take it anymore. Slowly, I zipped his pants down and brought out his dick. Then, I bent down and hurried his dick in my mouth, sucking it. At first, it was soft, but gradually, it became hard in my mouth as I sucked it.

"Fuck." He groaned.

I was expecting him to ask me to stop because we were in a public place, but he did not.

Instead, he slid his hands into my dress and gently squeezed my breast and nipples, while I sucked him. He removed his hand from my breast and placed it on my ass, caressing it.

Then, he shifted my panties to the side and slid his finger in, finger fucking me. As he did that, I could feel my pussy getting wetter. Damn! I want his cock inside me, I thought.

The moment I removed my mouth from his dick, he too slipped his fingers out of my already juicy pussy. I looked around to make sure no one was looking at us. Then, I sat on his dick. I grind on it slowly at first, then I began to bounce on it even faster.

"Shit." He groaned and kept groaning.

No one could hear his voice, nor could they hear mine because the movie was loud. I wanted to stop because of fear of getting caught, but I just could not help myself. I kept riding him as though my life depended on it while kissing him at the same time.

My heart began to pound really fast. We have been doing this for some minutes now. "What if we get caught?" I thought. The fear of being caught was all part of the excitement for me. In less than thirty minutes, he held me really tight and I just knew he was about to come. I pulled his dick out of my pussy as fast as possible and wrapped my mouth around it, sucking all the come in.

By the time we were done, the movie was already halfway through.




I had been with Cynthia for almost a year now. She was everything and more.

She was the exact type of girl I had always dreamt of having.

She was not too tall, but she had really long legs. Most times, I wondered how it was possible to have such conflicting features and still look extremely sexy. Her legs were one of my favorite parts of her body. Sometimes, all I had to do was look at her legs, and immediately, I would be completely turned on, no matter the time of the day, or the place.

There were other things that made me drawn to her.

She had a really innocent face, but her mind was not as innocent. Some of her features contradicted each other. She had the prettiest eyes I happened to have ever seen in my life. Then, there was her smile which was capable of calming even a ragging lion. That was how Cynthia was made, and she was mine.

I met her in the mall on a very rainy spring day. I was supposed to have left the mall earlier, but I lingered because of the rain.

“Please, can you help me get those?” She said smiling at me.

She pointed at a pack of biscuits almost at the top shelf. Her hand could not reach them.

“Sure.” I said as I picked them from the top and handed them over to her.

That was the day it all began, my love for her.

I was still at work, but it was her I was thinking about. It was a Friday afternoon, and we had planned to go clubbing in the evening.

It was our first time clubbing together since we met each other. I was really excited, and I knew she was too.

I kept looking at the clock in front of me, hardly taking my eyes off it. The moment the clock hand touched six, I packed my bags and left the building in such a hurry that seemed as if I was being chased by someone or something. In no time, I was home.

I pulled my clothes off and walked into the shower. In less than five minutes, I was done freshening up. I had already selected the cloth I wanted to wear for the date, I wore them without wasting too much time. Then, there was a buzzing sound from my phone. I picked it up and checked what it was all about. It was a message from Cynthia.

“I am almost ready. I can not wait to see you tonight.” The message read.

I put the phone down, smiled, and continued getting ready for the night. Finally, I was done. I got into my car and headed for the club. When I got there, the place was already filled. Instead of going in, I waited.

The first thing I spotted the minute she got out of the car was her brown curly hair. It bounced as she walked. She had a mini black dress on that shimmered under the lights.

Picture of a sexy naked woman in a club in an article one can read free public sex stories



“You look absolutely gorgeous.” I said with a smile on my face.

“Thanks, babe.” She replied.

I led out my hand to her and she took it. We walked in, holding hands.

“Give us four shots of whiskey.” She said just before we sat in front of the bartender.

“Oh. Ok. You want to start strong. I am totally in for it too.” I said.

She was still standing when the drinks came. She took a shot before she sat down. And at that moment, my eyes went to her legs. They were as long as ever, satin smooth, and shiny. Immediately I began to have a boner. Gradually, my dick began to get hard. It was a good thing the lights there were really low.

"Come on." Let us dance.

She pulled me out of my seat and led the way to the dance floor. As we danced, she began to rub her ass on my hard cock slowly.

At first, she twerked in front of me. Then, she began to rub her soft bouncy ass on my cock.

The moment she started that, it got even harder. I looked around, and there were a lot of people there, on the dance floor, but their presence did not stop me.

Sexy man preparing for the night having sex in public

I slipped my hands through her dress and spread her legs as little open and she grind on my dick.

Then, I pushed her panties aside with my fingers and slid them into her pussy.

By the time my fingers got in, she was already super wet and juicy. I gave her pussy light strokes with one of my fingers at first, then I made it two fingers, stroking her pussy faster. I could not hear her voice because of the loud music, but I was damn sure she was moaning. I kept at it, making sure no one would see me.

I need my dick in her pussy, not just my hands, I thought. I looked around, scanning the place. That was when I saw I spot in the club with no one. It looked like a private section, but it was not. All the clubbers were busy on the dance floor.

Without thinking twice about it, I gently dragged her to the spot.

As soon as we got there, I made sure no one was looking. Quickly, I zipped my pants open and took my dick out without pulling the whole thing down.

I turned her around, pulled her dress up and slid my cock inside her pussy. Ah!

She screamed the second it got in. After giving her pussy a few strokes, it began to cream.

Damn! This pussy is so good, I thought as I screwed her pussy. At regular intervals, I turned around to make sure no one was looking or coming in our direction.

She pushed me onto one of the chairs there and sat on my cock, bouncing on it. Her ass giggled as she bounced. I could not keep my hands to myself so I spanked her ass. She moaned even harder. Yes! Yes! Yes! She screamed as I came inside her juicy golden pussy.

I had just finished zipping my pants up when one of the security men came.

“Everything ok?” He asked.

Cynthia nodded affirmatively, and he left. The two of us looked at each other and burst into thunderous laughter. We were almost caught, but we weren't.



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